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Studio Overview

NPT is conveniently located 2 miles from downtown Nashville, and just 7 miles from Nashville International Airport.

Studio A measures 60' x 80' wall to wall. Useable floor space is 50' x 75' because of cyc pit. All available lighting is included in the package, which includes a generous supply of 2ks and 5ks. Three walls of the studio are covered with an unbleached muslin cyc, and is illuminated by three color cyc strips at the top and bottom. Studio rental includes a make-up room with two dressing rooms, a green room, and a portion of the prop area. Tables for catering and craft services are included.

The studio can be rented alone if the client wants to use their own crew and equipment. Or the full package can be rented with studio cameras and full control room. The client can bring their own crew, or we can crew the production with experienced freelance professionals as an extra service.


The Tennessee Repertory Theater offices and prop department are located in our building.  The Rep maintains a large, hard to find prop inventory.  These can be rented separately from the studio. [view slideshow]