Studio Rates

Pre-light/shoot days (10 hours)
Studio only (with make-up and green room)

Hourly Rate

Full package:
Includes 3 cameras with prompter, character generator, XDcam, HDcam, or server record, four record inputs on server, 4 microphones, control room and audio room.
No Crew



Additional Camera

*Crew is not included with the full package. Clients may bring their own crew or we can   crew the production at competitive crew rates.


A staff stage manager is required for studio rental outside of 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM at a rate of $60 an hour. Studio rates are based on 10 hour days. Crew rates are also based on 10 hour days. Overtime rates will be charged accordingly. Client will provide NPT with copy of general liability insurance and workers comp insurance prior to shoot.

Client will receive an estimate prior to shoot and estimate must be signed before shoot. Fifty percent of estimate is due within 72 hours of booking and estimate signing in order to hold studio date. Remainder is due day of shoot, before shoot starts. Any overages for overtime will be billed for later payment. Balance is due within ten days. In the event of non-payment, client will pay all reasonable attorney fees and expenses.